Macro elements water soluble fertilizer

Macro elements water soluble fertilizer


Macro elements water soluble fertilizer (Nitrate Nitrogen)


  1. NPK 20-20-20+TE
  2. NPK 15-15-30+TE
  3. NPK 13-7-40+TE
  4. 20-10-20+TE
  5. 15-5-30+TE

Applicable crops and recommended dose:

CROPS Main use date Dosage
Tomato, cucumber, etc From the early bloom to the fruit development 5-10KG/MU/TIME
Pepper, strawberry, eggplant, watermelon, etc From the early bloom to the fruit development 5-8KG/MU/TIME
Potato, ginger, yam, carrots and other root, tuber crops 5-8KG/MU/TIME
Apple、cherry、grape、peach etc From the early bloom to growth prophase of Root and tuber 10-15KG/MU/TIME
Note: can be rushed, spraying, drip irrigation, fertilizer, fertilizer soil conditions, irrigation and environmental conditions, applying specific content need to be adjusted according to actual situation


product performance:

New chelated technology processing, keep the nutrition state of ions, including nitrate nitrogen is more conducive to crop absorption, all raw materials are of high quality raw materials, the use of safe, high purity, completely water soluble, full nutrition, do not contain hormones, no chlorine formula, non-toxic harmless, no residual, dissolve quickly, good for crop absorption, meet the demand of crop growth nutrients.A variety of sting and trace elements, better promote the nutrient balance, absorption, do not produce antagonism, effectively prevent the crop nutrient deficiency and excess nutrition.This product contains trace elements, iron, manganese, molybdenum, zinc, boron, copper.


  1. Sealing interesting dry place to store, to avoid human and animal use.
  2. The product cannot be used for spraying on the leaf.
  3. The production date and batch number see the code.
  4. Warranty for 5 years