Macro element foliar fertilizer

Macro element foliar fertilizer


Product name: Macroelement foliar fertilizer


High quality raw material

Scientific formular

High concentrated and fully soluble

Improve crops’ quality from all sided.

Brief introduction:

Our product uses high concentrated organic matter and the whole new chelating technology , which turns the nutrition into ion state , can be easily absorbed by the crops. Our raw material contains no hormones, no chlorine formula and non-toxic.

Our product contains chelate type trace elements: Fe, Mn, Mo, Zn, B, chitosan, amino acid etc.

Usage Methods

Crops Application period Use amount
Tomato, cucumber, etc Expansion &color change phase Dilute 800-1000times
Pepper, strawberry , eggplant ,sweet melon, gourd vegetable. Expansion & sweetness increasing period Dilute 1000-1200times
Potato, ginger, yam, carrot, Underground root and tuber crops Fruit expansion period Dilute 1000-1500times
Apple, cherry , grape, peach, etc. Expansion & sweetness increasing period  
Methods: dilute 800-1500times, spray it well-proportioned on the foliar once every 7-15days, 3-5times every time.


Macro element foliar fertilizer 1
Macro element foliar fertilizer 2