Agricutural grade Potassim Nitrate KNO3

Agricutural grade Potassim Nitrate KNO3


Product name : Agricultural grade potassium nitrate KNO3

High purity 99.6%

100% water soluble

High effect

Less in use amount


Potassium sulphate is white crystal , high purity , fully water soluble ,it can provide a quick supplement of nitrate nitrogen and potassium, improve fruit appearance and promote fruit ripening.

Enhancing the ability of crop resistance and the quality of the fruit.


Agricultural grade potassium nitrate fertilizer is 100% water soluble ,no residual harmful substances, it contains nitrate nitrogen and potassium(1:3)

which is essential for crops’ growth. It can be quickly absorbed during peak demand . It has no chlorine, sodium free, low salt index, and not hygroscopic.

Usable range

Cotton, grape, watermelon, red date, apple ,bergamot pear , tomato , vegetable , mango, banana, strawberry, wheat, corn .

Item Industrial standard Agricultural standard
Appearance White powder White powder
KNO3 99.8%min 97.5%min
Sulphate (SO42-) 0.01%max
Chloride (CL-) 0.01-0.03%max 0.8%
Matter insoluble 0.01%max
Moisture 0.25%max
Fe 0.003%max
K2O 46.0%min


Use Methods


Spray once every 6-8days, for drip irrigation , spraying according to crops’ growing conditions.